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Dana Evans

-is a Coach, functional movement instructor and Enneagram Type 7 (hello, The Enthusiast). Her journey to entrepreneurship and self-care started when she opened a “spa” in her parents basement at age seven.

Since then she found herself on a fun life journey that included nutrition and health-coaching, Bowspring yoga, therapeutic body work, Law of Attraction, the science of the mind, Inner Voice coaching, crystals and channeling.

Through all of this, she discovered there is no RIGHT path for anyone. Through her business, Alignful, she helps women re-define self-care and start shamelessly living life on their own terms. She believes tapping into your Inner Voice is the gateway to loving ourselves unconditionally, something our society desperately needs. She helps women find and listen to their Inner Voice, or “internal GPS” and guide them to design a lifestyle they can look forward to every day!

When she’s not reading or working, Dana is posting off-rhythm dance videos, sharing photos of her spoiled cat, perfecting cocktail and food recipes, and listening to hip-hop music.

She is passionate about helping people find their Inner Voice, so they feel empowered to start living live in alignment with their true desires

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